Maybe you have too much, have grown out of it or need some money for something else. Our 4 simple steps for selling your Lego make it quick and easy for you to turn your Lego into cash. If you want to sell your Lego sets, Lego figures or Lego pieces then we’d love to hear from you.

Ready to sell your Lego?

Please see our Sell Lego page to find out what info we need from you.

Sell your Lego


Below are answers to some common questions we get asked. If your question isn't listed here please get in touch.

What Lego do you buy?

We buy new or opened sets, figures and job lots of pieces and figures from any theme including Star Wars, DC, Marvel, Harry Potter, Creator, Ideas, Technic, Friends, Ninjago, City, Castle, Space, Pirates, Speed Champions and more. From large collections down to small lots. It should be genuine Lego which is smoke-free and in good condition.

Why use Sell Your Bricks?

We aim to respond within 24 hours so that you can decide if you want to sell your Lego quickly without having to wait days for a reply. Unlike many other sites we give you a price based on the specific items you have rather than a cost per kg so you get a better price.

How can I tell if my Lego is genuine?

There are a lot of clone brands including Cobi, Kre-O, Wilko Blox, Megabloks, Lepin. We only buy genuine Lego which you can identify by looking for the 'LEGO' stamp on the studs of pieces.

How can I tell if my Lego is in good condition?

We appreciate that your Lego may be a bit dusty but please check that it's not broken or sun-damaged (yellowing of parts).

Do you collect?

Whether we can collect your Lego depends on how far away you are (we're located in Somerset) and what quantity/value of Lego you're selling. We'll let you know if we can collect once you've contacted us with details of what you have to sell.

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